Direct Digital

direct-digitalWith the Direct To Garment (DTG) you can print on any white or color t-shirt.Quality is just amazing and always consistent

• No Minimums
• No Set-ups
• Unlimited Print Colors
• Print on any Color Garment.
• Samples are a Snap
• There is no Heavy Plastic Feel
• Photographs and Complex Images can all be Printed with Unrivaled Clarity and Vividness.

What is Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing?
Direct to Garment printing works similar to your inkjet desktop printer. The unique garment ink is deposited directly onto the shirt, with no burning of screens, setup, or registration involved!
Traditionally, one screen has to be burned for each color to be printed, this increased the cost for multiple color jobs, and limits the range of colors available. Direct to garment printing allows for unlimited colors to be printed with no added cost.
Since there are no screens and no setup, there is no minimum. You can have one or ten shirts printed, or have ten shirts printed, each with a different image. This is especially ideal for family reunions, small businesses, or anything you need personalized.

I’ve seen photographs on shirts before, how is this different?
The most common method for reproducing a photograph onto a shirt is by using a heat transfer. DTG printing is NOT a heat transfer. Heat transfers are heat pressed onto the shirt, causing problems with washability and stiffness. In DTG printing, the ink is applied directly to the shirt, allowing for a flexible feel with no stiffness. This allows the print to be soft and – stretch it as far as you want, your image will not crack or peel. For best results, wash your DTG printed shirts inside out in cold water, to keep them looking good for years.

When should I use Direct to Garment Printing?
Direct to Garment printing is perfect for jobs where multiple colors would be too costly, or where detail, accurate color reproduction, or clarity is a strong issue, for small runs, or for personalization. Screen printing often requires a minimum order because of the time and cost involved to set up a job. Since there are no screens and no setup in Direct to Garment printing, printing one shirt is as easy as printing one hundred. This is ideal for small companies, printing for resale purposes, or printing samples.

When should I use screen printing?
DTG printing is often more affordable on smaller runs involving multiple colors, however many small run jobs involving large block text or a 1-color imprint should be screen printed. We will help you decide whether silk screening or DTG printing is right for your job.